09/10/09 – SKULL and BONES – The Paragon Theatre (the former Marquee Club)


SKULL and BONES @ the Paragon Theatre
Thursday, September 10, 2009
10:00pm - 19+
2037 Gottingen Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Other Info
SKULL and BONES ( Mark Harmsworth and Buck Banger)

"Born deep in the heart of the jungle, this rudebwoy duo consists of the self proclaimed hypest motherfucker in Halifax; Buck Banger & the crowned DJ Idol himself; Harmsworth.
These 2 BASShead dubwize junglist soldiers are ready to take on the world with their breakbeat arsenal of champion sound ragga riddims, resonant head rattling dubs & dirty, crunchy breaks; you might even hear the odd glitch hop or speed garage choon if ya lucky! This will not be an act to miss as the 1st born sons of The HaliField Movement are guaranteed to make you move & groove to dem beats so smoove...."

Buck Banger
Tim Barrett never met a breakbeat he didn't like. Beginning his dj journey in 2002 he was a bonified hip hopper through & through but still had an enormous love for electronic music, so he found himself trying to blend hip hop acapellas over techno records. In early 2005 he bought a few drum n bass vinyls @ the local record shop & instantly became an addict for jungle music.

After cutting his teeth on any dnb that came his way he started developing a style of his own when he discovered the sounds of Ragga Jungle. The earthy riddims & beats fused with dem reggae vocals he knew where his head would always be...deep in the heart of the Jungle.

Now, with the emergence of dubstep onto the world stage he feels as though his musical influences have come full circle into a particular style that can be just as tough as dem ragga sounds but with a hip hop swagger & a drum n bass crunch.

7 years & a hundred or so shows later, Buck Banger is @ the height of his abilities as well as who he is as a dj & as a hypeman. Ready, willing & able to rock crowds on the mic or the turntables, he's sure to impress as he will always give you more Bang fo ya Buck!

Lyra, aka Amanda Stevens, has been a music lover of the electronic scene for over 9 years. It only took her about 3 years before she had the strong urge to put her own creativity and choice selection of music to good use. Being involved with music her whole life, through singing, playing various instruments, and falling in love with all genres, it only made sense she would start djing. In 2008 the dj/hairstylist started playing out and sharing her musical styles with Halifax and the maritimes.

Dirty chuggin' basslines, eerie melodic shuffles, bizarre but entertaining vocals and tough funky beats make up the tech house, electro and techno sounds she brings to the speakers. She mixes it all together to create a tossed salad of eclectic beats, and each song played will either satisfy your ears, make you laugh, or dance as hard as you can. Lyra has played among some of the best djs in the maritimes and opening for DJ Rap in 2009, she only strives to push herself harder to prove her skills and make you dance. With mixes underway, and future shows coming up, Lyra definitely has what it takes to get your dusted off dancing shoes on and start a party on the dancefloor.

Peter Farmer
Peter was born in Cardiff, Wales, and raised in England, Scotland, America, and Canada. His commitment to painting began in earnest over a decade ago; since that time he has also studied anatomy and physiology, earned a degree in Graphic Design, established a Motion Graphic Design Studio, and traveled extensively throughout Canada and Europe. This multi-disciplinary background and international experience influences his art heavily, reflected in his disciplined devotion to technique, his abundant array of subject matter, and - above all - his passion for colour. The cool grays of the British Isles, the rich blues of Newfoundland, the intense greens of Italy - Peter's work calls upon a plentiful palette of living colours and cultures.

Peter has recently devoted his art work to music. For two years he has been performing with musical artist on stage. He developed the Art Cabaret which promotes live painting in a musical performance. Peter has performed with canadian musical giants such as Kid Koala, Skratch Bastid, arron Collier, Ruby Jean and the thoughtful bees, Rich Aucoin, Ghettosocks and many more...

As an entrepreneur ( co- owner of the Paragon Theatre, Halifax) Peter has set a tradition in the musical world. Each major musical act that performs at the Paragon is painted and presented to the artist the night of their performance. The painting is then signed by the performer either on stage or back stage. The Paragon then keeps the artwork and displays the piece in a growing collection as a celebration of fine art and music.

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