07/22/11 – EVOLVE 12 – Antigonish County, Nova Scotia


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Pretty Lights, Dub Fx ,Chali 2na , Mat The Alien, Man Man, Skratch Bastid , Fred Penner, Zach Deputy , Adham Shaikh, Oka , A.Paul, Slowcoaster , Marty McFly, Idlers, AB Logic(Hoodfellas) & Born I Music, SOS, Jose Zaragoza, The Sheepdogs, Yancarlos Sanchez, Dave Allison, Carmen Townsend, Mama Miche, House Of David Gang, Donnie Dumphy, Tommy Knuckles, Isaac & Blewett, Farbsie, Gratefully Deadicated Sound System, Mike LeLievre, Jay Hamilton, Richard James, Vilify, Weak Size Fish, Steve Nurse, Bottled Beats, Metro Housing Authority, Terror Pidgeon Squad, Harmsworth, Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble, Mizz Maxine, Gordon Gets Lost, Dono & The Real Malloy, Les Paiens, Dezza, Lovestorm, Bernto, Great Balancing Act, DVD, A.A.Wallace, Freedom Danish and the Root Sellers, The Belle Comedians, DJ Claire, Chris Kirby and the Marquee, Lash Larue, Acres and Acres, Flair Martin, Tupperware Remix Party, Magic Friend, Mickey Sasso, Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers, Dr.Livingstone, FM HI Low, Dj Psylozen, Molly Thomason, Logan Hudak, Racoon Bandit, Steve The Viking, Writer’s Strike, Lloydy Lou, Andy Cotter Trio, BCos, Scotty and the Stars, Konflikt, The Town Heros, Byrd, Owen Steel, Jacksonstrutt, The Caravan, Dobba , Mo Kinney, Lee Fraser, Margo, Margo, Dale Manette, Light Brights, San Miguel, No Flyers Please, Sam Vipond, KDZ, Mulligan , The Real Jazz, Chris Morrison ,Tom Flemming, Cam Harding, Adam Adler, DJ Stog, Construct, David Anthony, DJ Slam!, DJ D-Yaz, Jules, Buck Banger vs. Method, Yazmanian Devil, Art Official, DRC, Rick Rhythm, The SuperFreqs, GT FCKD, Moldylox, Rekkid Bitch Mike, Pookie, Lyra, JustinCredible, CoreeJames, ProjectCHEECH, DJ Fire, Isaac Haze, DJ Eviction, Meateus.

the BEST place to be in the summer!


Friday, July 22, 2011
8:00pm - All Ages
Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, Canada

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